Cottages in Lancashire, Cumbria and the Lake District

Lancashire locations

Image of Hornby castle and river

There’s a location to suit everyone in beautiful Lancashire: from dramatic Pennine scenery, to stretches of ancient woodland, to quaint stone towns and villages. Offering a variety of attractions throughout the county it’s the ideal spot for couples, families, and friends.

The Forest of Bowland is a remarkable stretch of unspoiled countryside. It is situated along some of the Pennines between Yorkshire and Lancashire and is appropriately noted as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is dotted with picturesque villages and offers ample opportunities for ramblers, climbers, and cyclists. If you want an active “outdoorsy” holiday The Forest of Bowland is the ideal location to book a cottage.

Barley is one of several charming locations in the Bowland area. It is home to the popular Pendle Hill, a regular spot for hikers and ramblers offering spectacular views across the rolling valleys. Pendle itself is synonymous with the historic tales and reports of the Pendle Witches. In the 1600’s twelve acclaimed witches were trialled in this area, and these instances are some of the best recorded encounters of witchcraft in English history.

The village of Downham is another notable Lancashire location. It’s like stepping back in time walking through the streets of quaint stone buildings, many Lancashire towns originally looked like this. With the rise and fall of the mill towns many of these traditional cottages have been redeveloped in other parts of the county, Downham is seemingly stuck in time. With its olde worlde charm this village is often selected for use as a backdrop in the film and TV industry. This village was famously used as set for the film Whistle Down the Wind in 1961, and is still used today for TV programmes such as the BBC’s Born and Bred.

The Morcambe Bay coastline is also an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Offering woodlands, marshland, and limestone hills it’s a very popular location with nature enthusiasts. The delightful northern villages of Arnside and Silverdale offer a welcome break for those exploring this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Arnside is a pleasant seaside village. With brilliant pubs and shops overlooking the estuary it’s a lovely spot for a relaxing walk. The area also boasts charming sites of scientific interest, with rare butterflies and birds nearby. It is the ideal for people who love wildlife. 

Silverdale is located on Morcambe Bay. It’s a remote location with the Silverdale Railway nearby. It’s an idyllic location which is popular with walkers, and lovers of this unique coastline. It’s a serene part of a once industrial landscape which offers a relaxing retreat for anyone holidaying in the North West.

Besides its coastline and AONBs Lancashire has some lovely locations dotted throughout the county. It has valleys and boroughs full of character and appeal. From Rochdale through to Heysham there are so many places to visit when holidaying in the area.