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A Few Facts on Le Tour De France

Written by Kirsty Jones on

It’s less than 40 days until one of the biggest annual sporting events in the calendar; the Tour De France takes off around Yorkshire. The busy roads will give way to 198 riders making up 22 highly competitive teams. Each one of them will be competing for their share of glory and prize money and with over 2.2 million Euros to play for the stakes are high. 

The event is a much anticipated date in the sporting calendar, with over 880,000 spectators expected to line the route of Stage 1 alone. In the two short days the riders spend racing around Yorkshire they will cover 243 miles of prime Yorkshire countryside, including the hills!

Did you know Le Tour De France started over 100 years ago as a publicity stunt for l‘Auto in an attempt to try and increase sales. The race is still mainly based in France but over the years it spread its wings and since the 1950’s it has occasionally started around various places in the EU including; Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and now Yorkshire to name just a few. 

The race is hugely popular all over the world with around 190 countries expected to tune in, but that’s not only to see the high adrenaline race there’s also a well anticipated event taking place along the route and that is the publicity caravan. It’s a 12 mile long parade with around 150 colourfully decorated carnival like vehicles handing out free gifts to the crowd. It’s a popular procession and according to the Le Tour website around 47% of spectators come because of the publicity caravan!

Visiting the Tour De France when it races around Yorkshire is quite possibly going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we recommend you make the journey to watch this unforgettable event. Why not view our selection of cottages and get on your bike to try the route yourself. Or if cycling’s not your thing take the Ilkley based Yorkshire Trike Tour of the route, save your legs and travel the whole 110 miles of the ‘Stage 1’ route, it’s a great way to spend the day!

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