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You’re One in Fifty Million

Written by Kirsty Jones on

Lobster pots

Yorkshire is a rare gem in the beautiful crown of the British Isles, fabulous landscapes, meandering rivers and rolling hills. One little lobster discovered in 2010 just off the coast of Bridlington in East Yorkshire proved just how amazing our environment is. Harley Quinn is a rare two tone lobster which has now found a home in North Yorkshire at Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

This fascinating creature is rare because he is completely split down the middle by alternating colour, one side of him is red with an electric blue claw and the other is electric blue with a red claw. The lobster is thought to be around five or six years old and since he has been at the centre he’s shed his shell twice, each time revealing a more extravagant exterior. In captivity he can live for quite a few more years so it’s exciting to see what shell he may grow into next time.

Harley Quinn’s markings make him very rare, in fact it’s said that he is one in fifty million. This exceptional lobster is a great example of what beautiful rare creatures can be born and nurtured in our beautiful county of Yorkshire.

Scarborough Sea Life Centre is not only home to Harley Quinn, they have over fifty displays of marine life. You can have a brilliant day out watching otters and seals glide around the water, touch a live starfish or nipping crab and learn all about the marine life that live in the depths of the sea. Tickets for groups of two to six people cost £13.20 per person, with children under 3 not being charged.

So why not pay a visit to Scarborough, it’s a lovely place to explore and you’ll get the chance to feast your eyes upon this rare crustacean that’s causing quite a stir. And if all this talk of lobster has made you hungry why not visit the Golden Grid Fish Restaurant in Scarborough, they serve up locally caught lobster cooked simply and to perfection, but don’t worry Harley Quinn is definitely off the menu!

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