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Pancake Day in Scarborough

Written by Kirsty Jones on

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March the 4th marks Shrove Tuesday and it seems to be fast approaching, otherwise known as Pancake Day it’s a popular occasion with many families around the UK and abroad.

Shrove Tuesday derived from a Christian background and it’s always the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent and fasting for many Christians. So Shrove Tuesday is known as a day of indulgence and for many being able to have a sweet pancake for tea is the best day of year!

There’s many a topping that can make its way onto the classic pancake but here’s a few of our sweet office favourites:
• The classic lemon and sugar is undeniably top of the list.
• Slow cooked apple, toffee and cinnamon is an ultimate sweet experience.
• Chocolate, peanut butter and banana has got to be a match made in heaven.
• Bacon and maple syrup, an American favourite bordering on the edge of sweet and savoury.

Traditionally on Shrove Tuesday at 11am a church bell would be rang and this would signify the pancake races to be held. Around many towns and cities this practise seems to be fading away, although we’re proud to say that Scarborough is holding a Pancake Olympics on Tuesday with the pancake bell being rung by the town mayor at noon, there’s a pancake race to try your luck at and they even close their local school early!

For those of you who haven’t been to Scarborough it is a beautiful seaside town that’s definitely worth a visit and it’s sure to be a bustling on Tuesday with happy children and adults alike. Whatever you do this Shrove Tuesday lets hope it involves eating as many pancakes as you can possible fit in your hungry belly… Happy Pancake Day!

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