Cottages in Lancashire, Cumbria and the Lake District

Cottage grading

Windmill Cottage Bedroom 2

Many of our holiday cottages have a star rating. This is given to the holiday cottage, house, or apartment by a Quality Assessor who looks at everything from cleanliness to facilities, décor, space and services.

The star rating is important to us because it reassures you that any holiday cottage you book will live up to – and exceed – your expectations. Our owners are proud to display their qualuty star grading and we, as Quality Assured Agents, regard the TOCC Quality Assurance Scheme as a measure of the hard work we put in, whatever the star rating.

To take part in the star rating scheme each property must first meet a list of minimum requirements to even be considered for a star rating. If they don’t, we won’t take them on. The requirements include a high standard of cleanliness, clear pricing and booking, local information, a level of comfort, colour TV (at no extra charge) and essential kitchen equipment.

Image of the three star award

Three star award

Good to Very Good level of quality. Good standard of maintenance and decoration. Ample space and good quality furniture. All double beds will have access from both sides (unless the structure of the cottage makes this impossible). Generally bed linen is included or available for hire.

Image of the four star award

Four star award

Very Good to Excellent overall level of quality. Very good care and attention to detail will be obvious throughout. Access to a washing machine will be provided, but if not in the unit there will be access to a laundry facility. Bed linen is included and towels are included or available for hire.

Image of the five star award

Five star award

Excellent to Exceptional overall level of quality. High levels of decor, fixtures and fittings, together with excellent standards of management efficiency and guest services. Excellent range of accessories and personal touches. Bed linen and towels are included free of charge.

Image of the gold award

Gold award

The Gold Award is awarded to properties which achieve exceptional quality within their star rating band. These properties reflect a higher level of quality, comfort and cleanliness throughout.

image of platinum

Platinum award

All minimum entry requirements need to be in place, plus five additional items in the Five Star list and 3 additional items from the Five Star Platinum list.
• Swimming pool – exclusive unrestricted use
• Wired in sound system
• Cinema screen facility/cinema room
• Exclusive unrestricted use of a gym
• 50” plus HDR smart TV
• Media package
• Exclusive use of a Games room